History Matters Posters

History Matters Bombs

History Matters –  Bombs


Here’s a series of posters I’ve been working on in between homework and tests. It’s a mixture of current politics and art. I find it challenging to take a simple message such as History Matters, Water Is Life, or Vote and try to create a piece of work that compliments or draws emphasis to the words. I wanted my art for these posters to be simplistic, clean, and add weight to the words. I love creating this type of art. There’s nothing better than to be able to express your opinion or support a movement with something that you love to do.

A fun fact about the creation of the first poster. I used exactly 23,144 words (bomb) to create that poster.


NODAPL…Stand with Standing Rock


History Matters NODAPL

History Matters – NODAPL


History Matters Vote

History Matters – Vote