High Contrast Photography Tutorial – Photoshop Work

This is part 2 of my tutorial, with a focus on Photoshop work. If you missed part 1 of my High Contrast Photography Tutorial – Taking The Picture I would advise checking it out!

This tutorial is for intermediate users, I will go over the main changes I like to make, but it is up to you to choose what looks best for your photo.

Make sure your photo is already cleaned up, no unwanted shadows, hair, or dust.

Add new fill adjustment layer (at the bottom of the screen)
Change blending mode to Screen
To choose our color click on Gradient map
Choose the Black and White Gradient

Combine all layers on the top (on Mac : Hold cmd + option + shift + E)
Now you can burn any areas that you may want to darken
I chose to darken the eyes, lips, the dark areas in the hair
Doing this will not only darken but draw focus to those areas

The final thing that I like to do is combine all layers into one (on Mac : Hold cmd + option + shift + E)
then duplicate the top layer (on Mac : cmd + J)
While on the top layer go to the Filter Menu -> Other -> High Pass
You will need to change the blend mode to Soft Light and bring down the opacity to your choosing.

Here is the End Result

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