Fine art / High contrast Argoflex camera

Hello everyone!!

I did a ” fine art ” style photoshoot with my Argoflex seventy-five camera last week. I’ve never took pictures with it but I love the look and style of these old cameras. Someday when I have my own developing room, I’ll take some photos with it, until then I’ll just admire the look. This camera actually use to by my grandmothers, I love hand me downs.

I used a black background and put my camera on some black material. I did that so there will be no distractions to take away from the focus of the camera. I like to use black backgrounds with objects that have a lot of black on them. It helps the object melt into the background and makes the highlights look amazing. I used only one light, because the object it so small, and it was a bare bulb. I like high contrast and bare bulbs create great contrast. I then continue to play with the lighting until I get the perfect light and dark areas that I want.

Lastly, little effects have been applied to these images, I don’t always add effects to my images. Sometimes effects can take away from the photos. With all the editing programs out there, people forget if the photo wasn’t good to begin with, the effects can only do so much. Less can be more.

argoflex camera 1

argoflex camera 2

argoflex camera 3

argoflex camera 4

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