High of -3˚F today

I did not want to leave the house today !! Crazy, another cold frigid day ! Don’t get me wrong, we do have alot of games we can play here in the winter. For example; avoid the potholes while driving, try not to slip on the ice and break a hip, stay inside all day and try not to get cabin fever, but my favorite… stay in the sun and get out of the wind. Then you have to decide, do I park in the sun and deal with the wind or park in the cold shade and get closer to the door..ha ha. UFDAH !!

This photo is of a 2 lane road in town, the wind keeps blowing the snow across and making snow drifts… by the way , there are sidewalks in this photo 🙂

Life Lurking Winter One A Day

Friday January 7th     |     Temperature -33˚F     |     Currently Sunny * Windchill Advisory